MAP105 – TAS installation

The modification covers the complete installation and aircraft integration of an Avidyne TAS-620A system in combination with a Bendix King KMD-550 Multi Function Display (MFD).MAP105, pic 1

The installation is comprised of the following main LRUs:

  • TAS-620 Processor
  • Antenna couplers (2 off)
  • Top and bottom external antennas
  • Display Unit (DU) in the instrument panel in the cockpit

MAP105, pic 2


The Traffic Advisory System (TAS) has the functionality to:

  • Actively Interrogates threat aircraft transponders for reply
  • Not dependent on “third party interrogation”
  • Provides “real-time” collision alerts
  • Meets FAA TSO C-147 specifications
  • Provides up to a 30-second warning at up to 1200 knot closure – (same as TCAS I)
  • 360° coverage for intruder around the aircraft

The modification includes (customer documents):

  • Mechanical installation drawings
  • Mechanical manufacturing drawings (for e.g. brackets and adapter plates required)
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Engineering orders
  • Test plans
  • Instruction for Continued Airworthiness
  • Flight Manual Supplement