MAP084 – Axnes PNG installation

The modification is limited to the installation of the newly developed Axnes PNG system as a wireless extension to the existing Aircraft Intercom System. The aircraft installation part of the Axnes PNG is comprised of a Base Station (BS), Control Panel (CP) and an external antenna. The interface with aircraft systems is limited to:

  • Main Bus Bar for 28 VDC power supply via a Circuit Breaker (C/B).
  • ICS via a standard analogue connection for exchange of Audio, PTT and VOX. The audio input from Axnes PNG to the ICS will be wired through an additional mechanical switch that will allow the input to be distributed alternatively to one of two separate inputs in the ICS to facilitate separation of the communication between different crew members.MAP084, pic 1
  1. The BS is the central processing unit and will be installed on the AFT cargo bulkhead. The BS requires no HMI (no display or control functionality on the unit). The unit supports both analogue and digital ICS inputs/outputs.MAP084, pic 2
  2. The CP is the PNG’s User Interface. It features a monochrome display which provides status information (e.g. quality of the radio line, configuration parameters, etc.), as well as a menu structure for access to user settings and adjustments. The interaction with the system is achieved through the rotary knobs and discrete switches on the panel. The CP will be installed on the FWD side of the cargo bulkhead on a purpose made attachment bracket, next to one existing passenger seat. The CP is only interconnected with the BS and requires no external power supply.MAP084, pic 3
  3. The antenna to be installed is a standard Cobham Comant CI 273 UHF Antenna.MAP084, pic 4