EASA Qualified Regulator

As part of an existing Medevac installation in a Boeing 737-800, MAP Aircraft Part 21 AS were able to successfully qualify a new medical oxygen regulator which fulfills the latest EASA regulations. As part of the medical installation STC qualification process, full compliance to the relevant Certification Review Item (CRI) was demonstrated.  

The regulator and its components fulfill the CRI-F-01 Oxygen Fire in Gaseous Oxygen Systems, which defines stringent EASA requirements applicable to oxygen systems.

The regulator in question operates at a maximum pressure of 153 Bar and provides low pressure to an oxygen ambulance panel where low pressure hoses can be connected to a AGA Scandinavian style medical gas fitting

MAP 21 are happy to offer fully qualified oxygen regulator systems for CS-25, CS-27 and CS-29 applications.