MAP120 – Swedish National Air Medevac – NG

MAP Aircraft Part 21 is proud to announce the successful completion and EASA STC Approval of the Swedish National Air Medevac (SNAM) New Generation configuration for the SAS Boeing 737-800 Fleet. In SNAM, a commercial airliner is converted into a large scale air-ambulance staffed by experienced and trained medical personnel. The SNAM aircraft is on a 24 hour readiness to go anywhere in the world, and is also a part of the European Union’s asset for emergency relief efforts. The aircraft is controlled by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency,

With 2 new optional configurations, the SNAM NG is now capable of accommodating:

  • Up to 6 patients requiring high level of care thanks to six Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU)
  • Up to 6 patients requiring intermediate care
  • Up to 12 patients requiring transportation on stretchers, thanks to four Stanchion Litter System modules
  • Up to 51 seated passenger

Each MICU is equipped with the required medical equipment as well as typically equipped with an integrated medical oxygen installation.

In addition, SNAM NG introduces 6 state of the art O2 Modules, each with two O2 bottles with 2000 PSI. Each bottle features a regulator specifically developed in collaboration with world leading experts. This ensures that the O2 installation on board the SAS B737-800 complies with the latest and most stringent airworthiness regulations by EASA.