MAP110 – Miscellaneous items installation in cockpit & cabin

MAP110 constitutes a wide-ranging installation of various miscellaneous (operationally required) items in the cabin/cockpit of B737 to support the configuration control of the aircraft. 

The requirement for the various items comes from operational requirements as well as equipment that by experience have proven to be needed during normal day to day operations and ensuring that the crew have the required and same equipment onboard.

A few examples of equipment which is installed and under configuration control by this approval:

  • Fire Gloves (pairs)
  • Infant Demo Vest
  • Oxygen equipment – First Aid Use
  • Wheelchair
  • Ear protection
  • High visibility vest
  • Cockpit brush
  • Defibrillator
  • Adult Life Vest – Demo
  • Oxygen Mask – Demo
  • 737-MAX Safety Briefing card
  • Demo Kit Bag / Cockpit Toolkit Bag
  • Seat Blocked Kit
  • Cockpit key
  • Infant Seat Belt
  • Infant Life Vest Bag
  • Extension Seat Belt
  • Spare Seat Belt
  • Bag for loose equipment