MAP024 – Flying Repair/Maintenance Kit

This modification allows a ladder as well as lockable utility box for tools etc. to be installed in the forward cargo compartment. The ladder to be installed is a telescopic ladder. The ladder can be used to access required inspection areas on wings etc. if the aircraft is located in a remote area. The utility box can be used to store tools and similar equipment. The intention is to ensure that the ladder and other equipment not is unintentionally unloaded by staff, which may cause an AOG situation. It is possible to only use the utility box installation or the ladder installation.

Below the ladder installation is shown.

MAP024 ,pic 1


Below the Utility box installation is shownMAP024, pic 3

MAP024 ,pic 2

The modification includes (customer documents):

  • Mechanical installation drawings
  • Engineering order
  • Instruction for Continued Airworthiness