Boeing 737-800 Modifications

MAP011 – First Aid Kit (FAK), Emergency Medical Kit (EMK) and Aircraft Supply Kit (ASK) 

MAP022 – Flashlight installation under cockpit windows and flight attendant seats

MAP023 – External marking on vertical stabiliser

MAP024 – Repair/Maintenance kit and ladder installation in forward cargo compartment

MAP025 – Decal installation on Nose Landing Gear

MAP028 -External marking in fuselage and engines

MAP030 – Decal installation on RH side of forward and aft door

MAP031 – Decal installation on the inside of the forward door

MAP036 – Column steering wheel decal SOP procedure change

MAP038 – Cargo compartment sidewall interior replacement

MAP045 – Decal installation on fuselage roof and sides

MAP049 – Registration decals

MAP053 – Omnibus removal instructions

MAP056 – Seat belt replacement

MAP067 – Flashlight installation in cockpit

MAP071 – Oxygen masks de-modification

MAP088 – Temporary registration marking installation

MAP089 – Aft Forward door decal installation

MAP090 – Owners plate installation in forward door

MAP097 – Decal installation on RH forward door

MAP110 – Miscellaneous items installation in cockpit and cabin

MAP119 – Cabin layout reconfiguration

MAP120 – Additional oxygen and stretcher installation

MAP121 – Medical equipment bridge upgrade

MAP123 – MEDEVAC configuration

MAP124 – Oven warning label installation

MAP137 – External marking film application on RH side of forward door

MAP138 – ELT replacement

MAP140 – Alternative way of installing carpets

MAP145 – No touch markings on fuselage